Yoga, level 2

I started the “Level 2” class tonight, and actually broke a sweat for a change. I can’t even describe the ways I was trying to contort myself, but they all have names in Sanskrit. This class is much different from the Level 1 class. It’s smaller, for one. Some of the people in that class […]

An operations evaluation

We’re having an “Operations Evaluation” at work this week. A group from the regional office in Omaha is in town to comb through our operations and make sure we’re doing everything according to regs. They haven’t gotten around to me yet. My boss, who usually doesn’t betray any exasperation, looked exhausted after a whole afternoon […]

Racquetball dungeon

I brought a couple of flyers to the downtown recreation center. They have to be approved. My goodness, all they say is “Racquetball players wanted” and “Call Adam at…” Then I hit the ball around in the court. To get to the racquetball court, the attendant has to unlock a door to a room with […]

3,000 dead Americans too late

President Bush made a speech he should have made four years ago. I have my doubts if 20,000 more American troops will make that much more of a difference, but I’m willing to give the president a chance on this. This whole thing makes me so angry from beginning to end. What was he waiting […]