Ag careers

I was in Ames yesterday for the Iowa State University Ag Career Day. I went to recruit, but since I had nothing to recruit for, I was just there for public outreach purposes. I probably spoke to 25 or 30 students at length about NPS careers. I talked their ears off, which is unusual for me, but I wish when I was in college someone had told me as much as they could about NPS careers. I had nothing else to talk about, agriculture is pretty foreign to me.

White hot tub in the motel room alcove.I drove to Ames Monday and spent the night before the all-day career fair. I stayed in a motel room with a hot tub. Sometimes the motel just sticks you in whatever room they feel like if they have it available. It still only cost the government rate of $60.

While I was there I chatted with a State DNR official who was there recruiting as well. He painted a pretty grim picture of Iowa’s environment, particularly its lack of native plants and declining water quality, which in his words is “dropping like a rock”. He must have brought a different perspective than the students were getting from Cargill, ConAgra, and the other Big Ag firms there. By the way, he thought ethanol production would contribute more damage to Iowa’s environment.

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