Well, that was a quick fade by the Yankees. 200 million dollars for nothing. I hope to see the end of Johnson, Rodriquez, Giambi, and Sheffield in the bargain this winter. I’m getting sick of Jeter and Rivera having to carry those guys.

And Mike Mussina might be gone this winter too. When the Yankees got him 6 years ago, he was touted as the new anchor of the rotation that had a lot of aging pitchers on it. He’s been pretty solid and consistent, and he pitched some good games in the postseason. I remember he outdueled Barry Zito in a crucial playoff game several years ago.

Clearly, pitching is the key and the Yanks have lost sight of that. When they won, it was with four big-game starters: Cone, Wells, Pettitte, and Hernandez (Clemens was unreliable in the postseason). Then they had a deep bullpen, a deep bench, and lineup full of quietly productive all-around players who were never the biggest names: Williams, O’Neill, Martinez, Brosius. Even Luis Sojo would contribute a game-winning hit once or twice each October.

Where are the guys like that?

Congratulations, Tigers. The better team won again.

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