I’m a little backlogged on book reviews, which is one of my intents with this blog. That would make me “bookblogged”. Dur. I tore through “Fatherland” by Robert Harris this weekend. It’s a detective story set in 1964 Nazi Germany; a counterfactual account of how the world might have been if Germany had not lost […]

Cardinals win

They could have called it the Rust Belt Series or the White Flight Series… The Tigers looked like the Fish in the World Series, after looking like Hall of Famers against the Yankees. They simply did not execute. The Cardinals played good ball, despite being a sort of mediocre team. On to 2007… Go Yanks.

Stupid FOX announcers

Spare me from these idiots. Earlier, Jimmy Rollins (yes, you read it right) was analyzing the psychological effect on Alex Rodriguez of batting eighth in the lineup during the playoffs. I looked up Jimmy Rollins’ postseason stats and, oh, there aren’t any. And then there’s Steve Lyons, who I remember from my childhood as a […]


Well, that was a quick fade by the Yankees. 200 million dollars for nothing. I hope to see the end of Johnson, Rodriquez, Giambi, and Sheffield in the bargain this winter. I’m getting sick of Jeter and Rivera having to carry those guys. And Mike Mussina might be gone this winter too. When the Yankees […]

Congress is a cesspool

Mark Foley says he is not a pedophile (are you sure?). I can see how the Congressional leadership would blow something like this off. It probably looked a little iffy to them at first, and then it was hard to believe it was true. But this whole episode just lays bare the cynicism in Congress. […]

I love Congress

Have you heard about this stupid pedophile homosexual Republican congressman who resigned the other day? My god, what an idiot. And Newt Gingrich is saying the House’s Republican leadership didn’t lower the boom on him earlier because they were afraid of being accused of gay-bashing. Please. They live for gay-bashing. If this guy was in […]

Radioactive man

I learned from a friend that Great Kills Park, where I worked for about four years, is radioactive. Woo-ha! The park used to be a landfill, and some radioactive equipment was buried there. The locals are nervous. Officials, including my employer the National Park Service, say it’s not dangerous, then again officials say a lot […]