I love irony

I left Mississippi, in part, to get away from black mold. Now there’s a concern about it in my apartment after the leaking ceiling last week. The visible damage was minimal, but my landlady is waiting on her insurance company to advise what to do. They’ll at least have to scrape paint and and reseal […]

Corn and crawfish?

I went out to eat with a bunch of people from work at a new restaurant in West Branch (it now has three). It’s a Cajun restaurant, and there’s nothing like it in all of Iowa so it was pretty busy. I’ve never been to a restaurant on it’s opening night. They were missing stuff […]

Not so soggy no more

My apartment may be small and, as of late, leaky, but my landlady is all over it. She brought towels and fans the other day to help dry things up. Today she brought a dehumidifier that I’ll have to run for a while to dry out the ceiling, walls, and carpet. I was really lucky […]

Five years later

I can’t believe its been five years since the September 11 terrorist attacks, or “Nine Eleven” as people call it. Now it’s two movies and a miniseries. How crass. I bet Hurricane Katrina will go Hollywood even faster. I know the two films have been applauded for their gravity but that’s strictly a judgement call […]