UPS’s mailbox

I went to the UPS depot in Coralville to pick up a couple of packages they were holding for me, and as I drove into the parking lot, I noticed they had a little rural mailbox with the flag up. So despite all of their technology and logistical resources they still rely on the US […]

Leaving in a few

I’m leaving for the airport in about in an hour or so. I spent most of the day cleaning the apartment, as I am wont before a trip so I don’t have to come home to a mess. I’m also waiting for UPS to deliver some hiking gear from Eastern Mountain Sports. The online tracking […]


It was only a matter of time before I got a ticket in Iowa City. Not only are the yellow lights very brief, but many of the main streets have speed limits of 25 mph–not a natural speed for such roads, I think. I usually drive about 35 mph on them and got caught doing […]