As I write

As I write, my mysterious romance interest is on her way from Argentina to Las Vegas, where she will work for several months. I will visit her next month, finally. We haven’t seen each other in two and half years.

Iowa heat

Iowa weather can be hot and stifling. It doesn’t get as humid as the Gulf, but I still don’t like the heat any more. It is, in fact, the main advantage to being in the office all the time.


I have to return Kafka: the complete stories to the library soon. I only read a couple of them, including “The metamorphosis” and “In the penal colony”. Both seemed to be about the futility of believing in anything because things don’t work out the way you want them to. In “The metamorphosis”, when Gregor Samsa […]


The landlady stopped by today. She said the clean-up has begun upstairs. “The body fluids have been cleaned up,” as she put it. They’re using solvents and some sort of ozone machine to cleanse the apartment. She told me to tell her if I had any problems with the ceiling. That’s good because I was […]

Dead man upstairs

So I’ve been away for most of a week. In between Colorado and Missouri, I stopped at home for about 15 minutes on Monday. In the hallway of the building it smelled like someone hadn’t thrown out garbage in a while. I checked to make sure there wasn’t any garbage in my apartment. But when […]

Deficit blues

I’ve been listening to the president and his buddies talk about what a great job they’ve done of reducing the budget deficit. They created the deficit! There wasn’t a deficit when the got there. They can’t take credit for creating a smaller one! That’s like burning down someone’s house and then taking credit for saving […]

Web development blues

I’ve been working pretty hard on this website. I’ve been learning new software and it doesn’t always go very well. Sort of taking the joy out of the whole thing.

Independence Day

I watched “A Capital Fourth”, the celebration on the National Mall broadcast on PBS. It featured the odd spectacle of Jason Alexander singing a gospel song. Vanessa Williams was there, and Michael Bolton too. Didn’t Vanessa Williams pose nude for Playboy once? Jason Alexander made a comment about the War of Independence; something to the […]