Good feeling

Gulf Islands forwarded a nice letter to me from a man who had read my article about the barrier islands after Hurricane Katrina. He worked there a long time ago and remembers it fondly. I’m pleased that he actually took the time to write to me.

Unpacking like a tornado

Well, I’ve been busy as a bee making this apartment habitable. I could barely see the floor last week, but I’ve spent just about all of my free time unpacking and putting away my stuff. I still don’t have high-speed internet (I’m using dial-up until I get a new modem). I also need to clear […]


My stuff is coming tomorrow. No more sleeping on the floor! No more eating out! No more 45-minute computer sessions at the library!

A new pad

I moved into a small one-bedroom apartment this week. My stuff will not be delivered until the 12th at the earliest. I was unsure about renting a place so small–I may have to unload a couple of pieces of furniture–but I can walk downtown. There’s a food coop nearby, and the commute to work is […]