Every once in a while I get calls from parks interested in picking me up off the transfer I requested. Of course, I’m committed to going to Iowa. Glen Canyon called a few weeks ago. Today it was Yellowstone.

There’s a tremendous opportunity I am passing up. But I don’t feel very regretful. I am  comfortable with my decision.

Yellowstone. Wow.

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2 replies on “Yellowstone”

  1. Wow! I am amzed at your loyalty. If Yellowstone had called me with your current choise, I would have been immediatley composing my letter of apology to Herbert Hoover. You’re a much better human than me, I think. No, I know so.

  2. Now Adam one thing i realized working for the Park or any organization is that they deserve even less loyalty than a treacherous friend. Human beings are nothing more than screws in a machine for them. We are all interchangble and equally unimportant. So play them like you would a naive girlfriend. Hang on to one park for security and then damp it as soon as something better comes along. Be loyal to your interest alone and you’ll do better in the government.

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