Irish nuns, Charlie Rose, and tornados

A couple of Irish nuns from Biloxi joined my fort tour today. They were the nicest ladies, though I heard later one of them was once handy with the switch.

I turned on Charlie Rose last night and Bill Safire was sitting in for Charlie. Bill Safire? What the frig? Turns out Charlie Rose is in the hospital for some emergency heart surgery. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the man. It’s the only thing on TV worth watching.

My uncle left a message from his classroom this morning. His third graders are researching tornados and discovered that Iowa is right in the tornado belt. Knowing that I am moving there from hurricane country, they were concern and thought he should call me. In fact, Iowa City was smacked by a tornado a couple of days after I visited. But they are not as frequent there as in other parts of the Midwest.

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