For the second time this week I had to swerve my car to avoid death. This time for a jackass who started to make a left turn right in front of me. Not only did I deftly evade a collision, but I managed to share my thoughts with him (“Fucking idiot!”) as I did it. This was strange: at some point when I swerved the car shifted into neutral. I don’t remember hitting the gearshift and didn’t even notice until I tried to accelerate again. In fact I couldn’t figure it out until I pulled over.

I was a disaster at yoga tonight. I’m still a bit congested, but even a bit congested makes yoga difficult since it involves breathing through your nose. I also drank too much lemonade before class; it started gurgling up every time I bent forward which was like every five seconds. Not to be disgusting but that’s what happened to me at yoga tonight.

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