Movie catch-up

Some of the Academy Award movies are out on video. I rented “Brokeback Mountain” and “Capote”, both very good. I can see why “Brokeback Mountain” was so successful. It could have been a big joke, gay cowboys and all, but it wasn’t. The focus was on how they felt, which was probably really hard to pull off.

They should do a whole Village People franchise: “Brokeback Precinct”, “Brokeback Construction”, “Brokeback Reservation”, and so forth. Had to get that in…

“Capote” was even slower than “Brokeback Mountain”, but man, Truman Capote was one fucked up dude! I’m going read his book when I get a chance. I heard Phillip Seymour Hoffman stayed in character throughout the entire production. I’m sure everyone was real sick of him.

I’ve been dawdling, I have to start getting ready for this move in less than a month.

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