I’m on a different work schedule and keep forgetting it is Friday. On my way to Gulfport this morning I witnessed an accident. With the Biloxi Bay bridge out, all of the Biloxi-bound Highway 90 traffic has to merge into one lane to turn north toward I-10. People were weaving in and around each other trying to jockey into the turning lane, including one woman who passed me on the right. I thought, “there is going to be an accident here,” and sure enough about one second later this same woman rear-ended the car in front of her. I swerved out of the way to miss her. Her airbag went off. She was really stunned. Her car was smashed up, the lady she hit couldn’t get hers started up again. I was frightened at first because I saw the windsheild cracked, but it was either the airbag or the impact that did it, not something (or someone) inside the car.

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