Six bucks richer

I sold my three angelfish today for two dollars each. They are pretty nice fish and the lady at the pet store agreed. I told her these fish were survivors. They survived once ast year when my filtration system broke down while I was away and again after Hurricane Katrina brought prolonged periods of power outages and unusable tap water. The tank never recovered from all of that. I lost most of my fish but the three angels survived. They were so easy to catch I felt bad. They didn’t evade the net the way other fish do. When I put them into the bag I wondered what they thought. Did they think they were dead? Do they remember this happening when I brought them home? I’ve watched them a lot and I’m pretty sure they don’t do a lot of thinking. Pretty much they are creatures of stimulus and response. They’d swim to the glass when I was nearby only because I was the bringer of food. Still, they’ve been my only roommates most of my time here in Mississippi.

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