Why couldn’t forts be made of styrofoam?


I’m flying to Iowa on Thursday to scope out the new environs.

I’ve spent the last two weeks at work trying to coordinate a work day out on the island. The big day was this Saturday; it went well but we didn’t get everything done I had hoped. Part of it was sheer impossibility. We had to move these huge iron shutters out of one of the powder magazines. They weighed at least 300 pounds each, even a few stout airmen couldn’t get it all done.

Adventures in delegating: I had forty people and three projects to oversee, so I delegated. The iron-artifact movers took the he-man approach and moved several thousand pounds by hand; they didn’t use the refrigerator dolly they were provided. I spent most of my lunch break improvising a ramp over the magazine stoop, but they were pretty beat after that. I have much to learn, Master Kenobi.

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