Broken glasses

The left ear thing on my glasses broke out at the island. I had a pair of prescription sunglasses as back-up but, lo, we got our first rain in four months. It was dark as night on the road and I had to hold my broken glasses together the best I could. I’m wearing my […]


For the second time this week I had to swerve my car to avoid death. This time for a jackass who started to make a left turn right in front of me. Not only did I deftly evade a collision, but I managed to share my thoughts with him (“Fucking idiot!”) as I did it. […]


I’m on a different work schedule and keep forgetting it is Friday. On my way to Gulfport this morning I witnessed an accident. With the Biloxi Bay bridge out, all of the Biloxi-bound Highway 90 traffic has to merge into one lane to turn north toward I-10. People were weaving in and around each other […]

Six bucks richer

I sold my three angelfish today for two dollars each. They are pretty nice fish and the lady at the pet store agreed. I told her these fish were survivors. They survived once ast year when my filtration system broke down while I was away and again after Hurricane Katrina brought prolonged periods of power […]


I must have caught a cold in Iowa because I feel totally dreck. Yesterday my throat was so sore I felt like I had swallowed a baseball. I feel a little better today, but really out of it. I keep dropping stuff and I spend most of the day walking around with my fly unbuttoned. […]