Move date

I am moving to Iowa on May 14. This weeks some design specialists are in the park. They are going to help us replace all of our wayside exhibits, plus design some new ones. I was looking forward to this, but it is pretty tedious. I’ll be doing the same thing in Iowa. The weather […]

Cheap bastard

Unofficially, I will be moving to Iowa in early to mid May. I booked a flight for Quad Cities to visit and check it out for a couple of days next month. Got a good price too. He’s still got it…


I just noticed that Livejournal lets you enter schools you’ve attended. I did to see who was listed from my high school. No one I know, and I think the ones listed are all much, much younger than me.

A Sunday

The usual slow Sunday at work. I was by myself today, but I kept myself occupied. I did some research and copied some photos from our files. They survived the hurricane. I never looked at them this thoroughly. There was some good stuff in there. I’m still working on the background check paperwork. It will […]

The new McCarthyism

Even though I’m transferring from one national park to another, I have to have a new background check done. The government has gone background check crazy since 9/11. So I’m filling out all this damned paperwork. One is a release to have an investigator ask my doctor if I’m mentally deranged. This is freaking ridiculous. […]


I accepted a transfer to Iowa today: Herbert Hoover’s birthplace. I don’t know when I’m leaving, but it might be another month or two. Excited? Yeah, a little. Mostly I’m my usual ambivalent self. But I’m ready to move out of here.


I went to Florida to assist with a prescribed burn that finally got approved. The park is trying to restore longleaf pine habitat. The fire burned really hot; there was so much extra fuel from the hurricanes and subsequent beetle infestations. For a while I was with the ignition specialists clearing fuel from around trees […]