On Cajun meat

I went to the Cajun butcher in town yesterday and got some stuffed catfish and crawfish etouffe. God damn that was good with rice and green beans with almonds. I’m sorry it’s gone. O well, time to make hummus! The sky has been a pastel blue the last few days.

No stamina either

Still no mail. I went back to yoga class today and ran out of steam about halfway through. I haven’t practiced in a couple of weeks and I’ve been pretty lazy in general since I came back home, but I’m suprised at how exhausted I am. I still feel crummy.

I now support privatization

I haven’t seen my mail in a month. When I got to Kentucky I rented a PO box and requested to have my mail forwarded for a month. I never saw any mail, and there wasn’t any in my box when I got home either. At the post office the guy told me that the […]

Get back to work

A cross-section of post-Katrina tourists came through the visitor center today. Today’s attendance included a trickle of out of town visitors not involved in any relief efforts. At Mammoth Cave I enjoyed not having to satisfy people’s curiosity. I find myself answering questions about the destruction with as few words as possible. These people are […]