Fat ‘n’ far

“Fat ‘n’ far” is Kentuckian for “fighting fire.” I attended fire refresher today. To illustrate the importance of communication the instructors (one of whom was chewing and spitting into a Diet Sprite can) read us a list of things they heard when fighting fire in eastern Kentucky, which of course was completely unintelligible to those […]

Wandering in the dark

I got a chance to look inside some of the other entrances to the cave. One entrance had this massive chamber with long skinny stalactites. There were bats and cave crickets and even a cave beetle. Later there were deer outside my apartment. I passed within twenty feet of one of them. Just another spectacular […]

More Kentucky adventures

My folks are in town. This is not high tourism season in south central Kentucky and a lot of stuff is closed. The weather is nice, though. My last week is coming up, then back to Mississippi. Sigh. There was a urinal at a restaurant yesterday that was simply to high for me to pee […]

Bowling for Kentuckians

Last week I went bowling. In Bowling Green. A very local place. There were even bowling Pentacostalists. I was assigned to Lane 28. The place had nice modern equipment and a good floor. The lane looked ready to go and the light was blinking at me, so I bowled. And then I saw a leg […]

It’s dark in there

I’ve been trailing the cave guides here at Mammoth Cave. A cave is about the exact opposite of an island in the Gulf of Mexico, where the sun is so bright they issue us sunglasses. The caves are quiet (they are mostly lifeless), whereas the Gulf Coast has near constant waves and wind, and birds […]

Yay Wal-Mart!

Frontline is airing its monthly diatribe against Wal-Mart. Imagine being Wal-Mart. You discovered that China has millions of low-paid workers who are forbidden by law and by the threat of violence to unionize, vote, or criticize the government. What would you do? Yoga tonight. I am sore.

Fat bastard

I need to lose at least ten pounds. I couldn’t fit into some of my uniform pants, which infuriated me to no end. They don’t have any leeway in them, and I notice it when I gain weight. Bah.