I love the W. Really.

Angel hair or linguine fini? It’s a no brainer. Angel hair cooks faster. In other news, I woke up this morning and discovered Robert Mugabe is president of the United States. Well, the American people won’t stand for it. Except that warmongering Christian fascists own the country. I’ll just fax my DNA to the Justice […]

Random searches

Random searches of LiveJournal (so authorized under the USAPATRIOT Act) turned up: Several college students writing about college stuff. A German guy who goes to concerts and takes pictures of art. A high school student who likes photography and has a crush on a girl named Olivia. Some guy in a band who hasn’t posted […]

Fun at the post office

The recent long lines at the post office are getting worse with the holidays. As usual the stamp vending machine wasn’t working, so I got in line just to buy a book of stamps. The guy behind me kept telling me corny jokes, and that helped pass the time. “How does Santa Claus keep from […]