Don’t smoke pot

My friend has made a whole bunch of marijuana busts at work this year. It’s amazing how many people just give it up to him after a couple of questions. Sometimes he’ll just say, “What’s in your pocket?” It’s comical to hear him tell about it. They don’t understand their own rights.

Temperature crash

After all the complaining I do about the sultry weather around here I’m pretty cold right now. It will be in the 30s overnight. It was in the mid-80s, humid, and buggy on Tuesday; very uncomfortable. Today’s headline in the paper was “Cold Snap”. The Red Cross reopened some of its shelters. Well, it’ll keep […]

Search and rescue

I notice today for the first time a search-and-rescue mark on my door. When I open the door I usually have my head down looking at the key, so I never saw it. Today I just happened to be admiring the hurricane shmutz still adorning the building exterior. It’s not a proper SAR mark-in an […]

Apartment drama

The apartment complex management held a meeting for the tenants last night with their insurance rep. They decided the entire complex needs to be rehabilitated and we’re all going to have to move within the next few months. The plan (a very loose plan with no real specifics) is to shuffle us around as they […]

The Elements of Style

I heard a funny story on NPR this morning. An artist decided to illustrate Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style.” I was mystified at first but then learned she was going to illustrate White’s examples. The reporter describing them made them sound hilarious. That’s not all: the artist commissioned an opera based on the […]