I’ll stop my bitching now

I straightened out my work schedule today and averted a minor inconvenience. Now consider this:

I got my National Geographic a couple of days ago. One article mentions the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. They kidnap children and force them to kill other children or to become sex slaves. Every night thousands of children walk from their villages to the bigger towns where it’s safer to sleep. Every time I read about it I get the chills.

Home from New York, back in Mississippi

Back to my quiet, dull life. It’s like I never left.

I spent Saturday afternoon at the MOMA. Man, I could live there. I mean, it has furniture and everything. I also broke out of my sudoku slump, solving a couple of puzzles with my improved system.

Temperature crash

After all the complaining I do about the sultry weather around here I’m pretty cold right now. It will be in the 30s overnight. It was in the mid-80s, humid, and buggy on Tuesday; very uncomfortable. Today’s headline in the paper was “Cold Snap”. The Red Cross reopened some of its shelters.

Well, it’ll keep the hurricanes away.

More of my life

We’re starting to put our temporary visitor center together. It’s still a mess. I’m not looking forward to months of boring hell in there, and I don’t feel like I’m busting my ass to get it done.

I misread the yoga schedule and showed up for the Ashtanga (the really hard) class. It wasn’t too impossible.

I’m flying to NY on Saturday for my monthly much-needed break from Disasterland. I still have to coordinate a transfer out of here. So far it’s not going too well.

Search and rescue

I notice today for the first time a search-and-rescue mark on my door. When I open the door I usually have my head down looking at the key, so I never saw it. Today I just happened to be admiring the hurricane shmutz still adorning the building exterior. It’s not a proper SAR mark-in an “X” like I saw spray-painted on houses in the flooded areas-but in permanent marker:

Checked 9/5
JCSO (Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)

It gave me a brief chill.

Apartment drama

The apartment complex management held a meeting for the tenants last night with their insurance rep. They decided the entire complex needs to be rehabilitated and we’re all going to have to move within the next few months. The plan (a very loose plan with no real specifics) is to shuffle us around as they rehab a couple of buildings at a time. We are responsible for moving expenses; a very big deal given the extreme shortage of movers and related equipment. They say nobody should have to move more than once.

The people with the worst damage are screwed, though. They’ve already moved out because their apartments are uninhabitable. Since they’re not paying rent and don’t live here, they aren’t tenants and aren’t part of this plan. They will remain homeless until perhaps they can rent a vacant apartment after the repairs are finished.

They won’t start moving us for a month or two, and they intend to start with the two-bedroom units. Which means I won’t move for a few months. However, my lease expires at the end of December. I was up most of last night considering the prospect of my lease not being renewed. I learned today that they won’t renew it or sign any new leases, but will allow me to live here without a lease until they move me into a repaired apartment.

The recovery continues

My boss and I marked out office and storage space with masking tape in our temporary visitor center, a massive prefab-trailer thing. I made up a list of boat supplies we’ll need to start marsh tours again (our boat house is in pancake form down in the marsh). Today the district biologist learned that most of his data from this year was not fully backed-up on the LAN. That’s like flushing work down the toilet, a real bummer.

The Elements of Style

I heard a funny story on NPR this morning. An artist decided to illustrate Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style.” I was mystified at first but then learned she was going to illustrate White’s examples. The reporter describing them made them sound hilarious. That’s not all: the artist commissioned an opera based on the book. I want to meet and marry this woman.

The story is at http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4985137.

Going to get pizza shortly. Huzzah!