The fort is full of mosquitoes. We’ve had a lot of rain in the past week or so. The drainage is poor, so there are huge puddles on the parade ground and the grass is getting long. I was savaged today as I hoisted the flag. I no longer have a left ankle, just mosquito […]

Tiny crabs

There are these tiny crabs–I think they are called square-backed crabs (I called them green crabs in NY)– that have been crawling all over the place at the bayou. They get into the building (down here in fetid marsh country everything gets into our visitor center including lizards and millipedes). The first time I saw […]

Weird bicycle

A child was riding around the complex on a strange bicycle: the front wheel was larger than the rear; the rider was seated toward the rear of the bike and reclined slightly–like someone on a Harley. I think the bike was supposed to look a little like a Harley. Anyway, just as I thought, “That’s […]