Out of the frying pan

So hot…

Even the birds looked miserable.

I’m going to Arizona tomorrow morning. I’ll be at training at the Grand Canyon, of all places for about two weeks, then I’m taking a few days off to go camping with my brother and his wife. I’ll be flying into Pheonix where it’s been a cool 115 degrees this week. But then the rims of the Canyon are 7,000-8,000 feet above sea level and quite pleasant.

And don’t get me started about Torturer-General Gonzalez…

I feel really bad for folks in London. I hope they aren’t in for another long terror campaign.

Which reminds me: I miss John Ashcroft. He used to tell me to go about my daily business even though chemical, biological, or nuclear destruction could rain down on me at any time. I assumed that John Ashcroft went about his daily business in a concrete bunker somewhere. We should send him to the UK to remind our friends there to “keep a stiff upper lip while I ride a helicopter to work.”

In other news, the state emergency management agency has posted a survey on its website to learn what people thought of the Hurricane Dennis evacuation. Apparently the director didn’t read the letter I wrote after the last evacuation.

Beat the heat

I had some barbecue at the home of a friend from work. Otherwise I spent the last two days holding myself hostage inside my apartment. Even though it wasn’t that hot yesterday and today I needed a break from the weather here. Only three more months of ninety degree weather to go! Oy.

This from someone who lived his entire life without air conditioning until two and half years ago.

Damn the mosquitoes, full speed ahead!

Heat, humidity, and mosquitoes continue to make my workday miserable. It’s hard to muster a lot of enthusiasm in the morning.

I took a belated pack test yesterday morning. I finished in 38:29, a personal best. I probably could have knocked a minute or more off in cooler weather. Even at 8 o’clock in the morning it is warm here, and the humidity is near its peak. Now that it’s over and done with, let’s see if I get sent out west. This fire season hasn’t been very busy so far.

Return from refuge

I had a damned good time in Georgia with my friends. If it wasn’t for Hurricane Dennis I might not have had a chance to see them while they were in the US. We sight-saw around Savannah and Charleston. It was a long drive though.

Back to work tomorrow. Hurricane Emily will be traveling a familiar path through the Caribbean this week. It’s going to be a long season.

Hot again in South Mississippi. Ho-hum.

It’s been hot and busy this weekend. But since my days off this summer are Monday and Tuesday I won’t have to deal with it tomorrow!

On the boat ride back a woman was sitting with her crying son. She was upset with him for some reason and wouldn’t let him get ice cream. He said that ice cream would help him be good. Nice try, kid!

Tiny crabs

There are these tiny crabs–I think they are called square-backed crabs (I called them green crabs in NY)– that have been crawling all over the place at the bayou. They get into the building (down here in fetid marsh country everything gets into our visitor center including lizards and millipedes). The first time I saw one it was crossing the parking lot. It stopped when it I stopped to look at it. I leaned over to look more closely. It just raised it claws to me in defiance. I could have smashed that thing with the toe of my boot, and there it was egging me on. I resisted the urge to prove my giganticness.

Last week I found one crawling up the wall in an office. I have never seen a crab climb up a wall quite like that. There are lots of them this year.

Weird bicycle

A child was riding around the complex on a strange bicycle: the front wheel was larger than the rear; the rider was seated toward the rear of the bike and reclined slightly–like someone on a Harley. I think the bike was supposed to look a little like a Harley.

Anyway, just as I thought, “That’s odd,” he crashed and scraped his knee. Ever seen one of those old-timey models from the early days of bicycles, the ones with the high front wheels? Well, when the models with the equal-sized wheels were introduced, they were called “safety” models. Now I know why.