Off Monday and Tuesday

I’m off Monday and Tuesday now, and that means I’m coming to the end of another weekend. I’ve been meditating on life, which a classy way of saying I’ve not done anything special on my days off. I went to yoga, went to the pool, rode my bike, worked on my resume, rented a couple […]


I must be having some trouble readjusting back to my regular job. My workday is very constrained: I spend a good part of it traveling either in a car or on a boat, and don’t have regular or reliable access to a computer or phone during the rest. It’s difficult to get certain things done […]

On aquaria and natatoria

Today was nice and I inavertantly spent too much of it indoors, thinking it was really hot out. I straightened out my fish tank today. The pump broke while I was away and I replaced it last week but the water quality was still screwed up. I lost only one neon, though, and that big […]

Island Saturday

This morning it rained, but the rest of the day was very pleasant. I helped the interns with a seining program this afternoon, a rare chance to actually get into the water. We caught some tiny pompanos, about an inch long. I stopped for gas on my way back from the ferry terminal this afternoon. […]