Tennesse update

I’ll post more later when I have some more privacy, but I’m in the middle of my first week here. Things are good. This park is very busy and very big. The staff is huge and as a result very specialized. My new motto is, “That’s someone else’s job here!”

I’ve visited the nearby towns here a little. They are heavily developed for tourism. More on that later. The park is pretty but I’ve seen very little so far. This weekend I will do some exploring.


I am wasting a perfectly nice afternoon planning my temporary move.

One of the neighbors has a macaw in a cage on the porch. The thing is huge and noisy. I’ve been hearing it screech for weeks. At first I thought there was an escaped parrot in the woods behind the complex. It also mimics human voices and sometimes it sounds like a woman having sex.

A tale of two movies

I saw “Sin City” with a friend last night. What a miserably gruesome film, like I’ve always imagined living in a Brazilian city would be like. The characters need to move out of that city. That being said it was a pretty good movie. I crossed my legs a lot.

Contrast with last week, when I rented “Spanglish.” It was not very good and didn’t require any uncomfortable leg-crossing.

Impending news

I have some good news which I will post here later when I can say for sure.

What nice weather followed the awful storm we had! I rode my bicycle into town and actually stopped by work for some reason (to check messages that didn’t need to be checked). I went swimming this evening at the pool. I’m practicing to be the world’s slowest swimmer. Even the fat guy in the weenie-wrapper was smoking me.

Oh, I rented “Sideways” (pun not intended). I liked it. The wine stuff was interesting. There’s also this one scene where this naked guy is chasing Paul Giamatti as he races back to his car. I swear the camera shot was right out of another movie, perhaps “Jaws” (the naked guy being the shark or whatever).

The flood next time

The rain stopped by mid-morning, but only after eighteen hours of downpour. The lightning was the most amazing. The sky was lit up for hours. I woke up at about 5 o’clock this morning thinking that a fire truck or police car was parked outside with its strobes on, but it was the sky flickering. Clouds here on the Gulf coast tend to be very low, and many thunderclaps set off car alarms and shook buildings. I have never ever seen a thunderstorm like that.