Safety first

Our volunteer boat captain made a garbage run to Ship Island today and offered me a ride out on our 40-something foot work boat. It’s an old Second World War landing craft. He dropped off supplies and picked up some garbage, our tractor and three ATVs that need fixing. I got some nice photos of […]

I see a bloody dagger.

I killed a yellow-rumped warbler on the park road. There was a small flock of them perched on the road. One of them didn’t fly away fast enough and I hit it with the van. Man, was I pissed. Why were they perched on the road? They eat insects and berries. Maybe there were insects […]


I’ve come down with the crud going around work. I slept a good part of the day and that helped for a while this evening. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get the fort ready for the new season. Saturday the ferry starts running and we get into the “God forbid anyone should call in sick” part […]