A nice day

In another attempt to rescue my dwindling metabolism from the toilet bowl, I went to the public pool in Biloxi. It’s a pretty nice facility. I spent about half an hour (a little less) doing laps across (the short way) the pools. Man, my shoulders felt dead after that. I feel pretty good though. As I was about to leave the locker room for the pool, a bunch of school kids came in to use the bathroom. They were all wet and shivering. They looked miserable and sounded like, “W-w-w-w-w-w.”

The lady at the pet store thinks I’m changing my aquarium water too much, as opposed to too little. She says to do a 25% change once a month, which is what I do, except I also try to change 10% every week in between. She feels I am disrupting the nitrogen cycle (bad for the plants) and putting unnecessary stress on the fish.

This afternoon I rode my bike into town to get lunch.

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