Tune up

My bike is in the shop for a “tune up.” Gotta replace those spark plugs. I was going to to ride into town and drop it off at the shop but had a dead flat tire when I rolled it out of the closet. So I’m without a bicycle this weekend (the shop’s repairmen only come in a couple of hours a day). Shame, because the weather is getting a little better.

Spoke to a friend I hadn’t heard from in over a year. That was nice.

I woke up this early this morning wondering, “did the Red Sox really win the World Series?” and then remembering, “oh yeah, they did.” I went back to sleep.

Had a couple of beers and played some darts with Lance (it’s “buy a Red Sox fan a beer” night in Adam world). I’m getting better at darts.

Jesus is coming very very soon…

It makes me shudder. A basic truth that I’ve lived with my entire life ended tonight: that the Boston Red Sox are and will always be second-place also-rans. I’ve always believed that the true curse of the Red Sox was that their fans believed in it, and when they stopped believing in the curse it would end. I was wrong: they’ve been more superstitious than usual this year.

Oddly enough, an eclipse of the moon as well. Then again, an eclipse of the moon is a mathematical inevitablity…

Can’t wait for spring training!

Mississippi moments

Today I went to the Jackson County Justice Court pay a traffic ticket (for failing to show proof of insurance) I received last week. While I was waiting to see the judge, a sheriff’s deputy brought in some lady in shackles. I saw the judge in his office, along with another lady. She was contesting some tickets on her brother’s behalf- he is in Iraq.

Boring story short, I produced my insurance card and still paid a fine (not having a good excuse like being in Iraq) worth about the same as the insurance policy. All that just for forgetting a very small piece of paper.

Worked on my website today a lot. The weather here is total shit. 87 degrees with 75 percent relative humidity this afternoon. Felt like around 95 degrees. It doesn’t look much better for the coming week, either.

The perfect end to a shitty week

Well, let’s inventory the last seven days or so. My relationship with Lorena is over. I don’t know what to do with my vacation next month. The weather here is really, really hot. And the Yankees lost the pennant to the Red Sox.

Hats off to the Sox. They played one more game better than the Yankees and so they deserved to win. This is the last I will ever mention it though.

It’s still humid here, I see.

I’m back from visiting my folks in Colorado. The weather there was great! Dry, clear, and sunny. I come back here to humidity. Despite the nice weather there, I only got a very little bit of hiking in. Sort of a disappointment.

I’ve immediately set to work trying to plan the logistics of my next trip: Argentina.

Play ball!

Ah, it’s baseball playoff season. Bad for my blood pressure, but my favorite time of year! Except I have to watch the games on FOX. Good God, four more weeks of listening to sound effects and Tim Carver’s constant overanalyzing of everything. A ground ball is not a thesis topic, Tim. He takes all the joy out of the game.

Today at work: Holy shit. The local cops were staking out a suspicious couple of campers this morning. As we had no law enforcement officers on duty, I was asked to dispatch one of our maintenance workers to surreptitiously get the tag number from their van while “emptying the trash barrels.” Later in the morning the suspicious woman came to the visitor center to report that she was assaulted yesterday in the park.

Off to Colorado tomorrow! Yee-ha!

LBJ is still president? We are bombing Vietnam?

I could scream. PBS has “The History Channel Disease”: documentaries that refer to the past in the present tense. Robert Kennedy is not campaigning in Oregon, he campaigned in Oregon. Robert Kennedy is dead. I feel a letter coming on.

On a better note, I spoke with Lorena this evening. I may visit Argentina next month, but I don’t know yet.

I worked on the island this weekend, and stayed Saturday night. The fort is as clean as it’s going to get until it dries out completely, and is shut down until the spring.