A day of small disappointments

The Davis Bayou area of my park is finally reopened. For some reason, the hurricane shutters were still on the windows of the visitor center this morning. What the hell? We spent the last seven days removing every frigging branch and twig from the ground, but not the hurricane shutters from the building. Grr.

Which reminds me of a joke about John D. Rockefeller, Jr.: how he was so orderly that he had a team of German engineers who picked up every stick in the woods after a wind storm.

And then…

I was listening to a typically close Yankees-Sox game at Fenway. Until the eighth inning when the Red Sox proceeded to pound the living bejeezus out of the Yanks’ bullpen. I liked the Yankees better when they had near flawless pitching and, of course, Paul O’Neill. Yet they will still win 100 games this year. Go figure.

They better win tomorrow or no Christmas card!

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