New year of blogging

I’ve just upgraded WordPress again, and configured the app on my new tablet. I’m trying it out now so this seems like another good opportunity for blogger navel-gazing.

I’ve been remiss in posting the last couple of months. Partly, because now when I write, I write for my writing class. Partly because I’ve been having trouble getting the WordPress apps to work properly. I’m typing this one hoping that I don’t get an error message when I try to post. WordPress’s support is the pits. My last effort to fix something turned out to be a glacial exchange of e-mails with a polite volunteer. But was two days between responses.

A quick scan of last year’s posts shows a lot more single photos. Uploading photos is easy enough. Writing captions and alt text is a bit time consuming, so I get backlogged on big galleries.

I’ve noted before that there are better platforms for spontaneous content: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. I’ve also become more and more privacy paranoid and less enthusiastic about posting my life on the web. These obstacles, combined with the other outlets for creativity mean I’m struggling to determine what this blog is supposed to be. Which is kind of fun. In the ten-plus years I’ve been blogging I’ve seen this platform change a lot. I’m not shutting down Adam’s artificial habitat anytime soon but I need to think about the best way to use it.